How to set full/long video in WhatsApp Status?

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You can put references, photos, videos, GIFs in WhatsApp status to let your peers know what is happening with you, which is great because it can bring your peers closer to your life.

However, WhatsApp status has restrictions on the size and length of the video. How to ignore breaking point to keep long or full video in whatsapp status?

WhatsApp Status Video Length and Size Range:

In WhatsApp, you cannot send videos larger than 16 MB, which is usually for 90 seconds to 3 minutes of video. However, the video you can move to WhatsApp status is short and short, this is the video you put in WhatsApp status, not to be longer than 30 seconds.

Cut video for whatsapp status:

You can do this without request. Just convert your long video to whatsapp, it will have a white slider for which you will choose 30 seconds cut from long video. Choose 30 seconds of your long video. Refresh it until you put the entire video in WhatsApp status. How to set full / long video in whatsapp status?

However, WhatsApp obviously cannot deliver your longer videos. You may need to cut your video into a few pieces. To avoid this, you can physically cut for WhatsApp status by downloading Video Shaper.


In a situation when you do not like to deliver long videos in the WhatsApp situation and require a real-time response to the video length limit, you can use WA TOX, which is intended to override the WhatsApp limit , For example, a 30 second Watts app status limit. Similar applications enable you to change the theme of WhatsApp, sending pictures with full goals.

Wat Saga is a utility tool that lets you share stories longer than 30 seconds into 29-second video segments and share them at the same time.

Introducing long video stats on WhatsApp is very easy in light of the fact that you do not need to physically remove them, WhatsApp will do it for you in a moment and present it on WhatsApp.

To distribute a video:

Select the video that you need to share as WhatsApp.

Select the time zone of the video with the category Find the bar under the video.

Click Share Term and Share Cash on WhatsApp

That is, the WhatsApp tool will crop (split) the video and allow you to share the selected video as WhatsApp.

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