WhatsApp dark mode: How to turn on dark mode in WhatsApp chat

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Today I am bringing latest updates of WhatsApp with Dark Mode, Dark mode applications are trending, I already make formal application to Messenger, it is not official for WhatsApp but if we are You can install the incoming mode with Dark Mode. To be able to apply this nice look to our request, we hope that it is officially viewed, in the meantime you can enjoy the way it is shown in the video, it really Wonderful, and best of all, very easy to install.

Dark Mode History: Apple’s operating system was one of the first operating systems in 1991 to offer a deeper display option. Windows 95 later claimed a high contrast lever, effectively doing so. Windows XP of 2001 went ahead by offering the option of changing the color of many high contrast themes and user interfaces. Advance and Dark Mood have been an increasingly popular option for some years, following the trend: YouTube and MacOS 10.14 Apple. Dark mode brings a lot of benefits to our eyes when it comes to battery conservation, which is why I brought you this way that we can put this mode in our WhatsApp very easy, we need to do the first two camps. The WhatsApp app needs a WhatsApp app »and another theme. All of this will be below so you can download them for free and without clips.

The process is very simple, we have to make a backup copy in our WhatsApp application and then restore all the data completely, then we will install the normal APK, and finally we have to install the theme which I had left them too. At the same time, everything will be done and our WhatsApp will start showing in its dark form and, with a new and exclusive system, I will delete the video so that you can go through the process To guide you through

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