Make your own WhatsApp Stickers

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Free handcrafted photos, add multiple photos, add text, emoji, stickers and more!

You can make your custom sticker in a few easy steps
1. Open Sticker Editor
2. Include images featuring free hand cropping
3. Add Text and Stickers
4. Save in your sticker pack
5. Post and Enjoy!


Crop free hand crop picture
You can crop the face and anything in any photo using the free hand mode with magnifying glass support.

Crop unused image
You can reuse all the cropped image to make another sticker.

E-text and stickers
1. Include text for your stickers, many free fonts and a selection of free stickers for text editing.
2. Add stylish stickers and pictures to your stickers
You. You can add text, emoji and stickers and then add them to 1 fun WhatsApp sticker.

Note: Please make sure that you are already using the latest WhatsApp app which supports stickers.


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