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By | October 31, 2019

Xvalet provides powerful features for managing your various digital assets. These include the ability to manage various chain assets (such as Ethereum and Finance China Wallet), the ability to add and attach different XPAS cards. Exvolt is designed to provide a reliable system that enables the flow of numerous digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), ETH, DI, NPXS, NPXSX. EM, BNB, XEMU, QTM and many more features are easy to manage. Recently, we’ve integrated the Telegram Chat app and added a “crypto gift” feature that allows users to easily send and receive digital assets for free through Telegram Chat.

Important features

** Managing EXPUS CARD **

Designed and released by Pindi X, the XPS card is an NFC non-contact card that allows users to store and spend digital assets in physical stores. Xpress Cardholders will be able to manage their digital assets through the application of XWallet. You can add and add your digital assets to your XPAS card through the Xvalet application. This integration allows you to use your physical XPass card or XWallet application anywhere.

** Multiple digital assets

Exvault supports multiple digital assets. Here is a list of current assets:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Paint (DAI)
Buying Coins (BNB)
Kiba Network (KNC)
Nest (CEC)
Pindi X (NPXS)
The function x
Cocaine Sharing (KCS)
Digix (DGX)

XViolet supports the broader ERC20 and BEP2 verse through open platform listings and will add even more digital resources and capabilities in the near future!

** x night telegram chat **

X-Vault 2.0 instant messaging application has been integrated with Telegram. Enjoy socializing with your friends and family on the telegram inside XWallet!

** Transmitting and Accepting Cryptocurrencies in XVII **

With X-Violet 2.0, you can transmit and receive digital assets through the “Cryptocurrency” conversation on the telegram.

When a user transmits digital assets over the wire using the “cryptocurrency” feature from an XView account, the user may have the option to transmit the specified digital asset. After receiving the cryptocurrency, the digital assets received after the user opens the cryptocurrency are credited to the receiver’s Exwilt account.

You can reduce digital assets by sending them to private chats or group chats. When transmitting digital assets to group chat, you can decide on the number of people you will receive “cryptocurrency”. When a group is transmitted to cryptocurrencies, digital assets will be randomly distributed to standard groups of people who receive your “crypto gift”.

Support signs for this new feature include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Business Coin (BNB), NEM (XMEM), NPXS and NPXSX. OM included.

** Blockchain-based transaction QR code provided **

XVS supports the ease of paying digital assets by allowing XPOS to scan the QR code. Exvolt customers can connect with Expos merchants in 25 countries and pay online for their services using digital assets with various offline support. Supported digital assets include:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH),
Binance Coins (BNB),
Cyber ​​Network (KNC),
Cocaine Sharing (KCS),
Paint (DAI),
Nest (CEC)


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