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By | September 11, 2019


Making money on YouTube is not as difficult as you would expect, and there are many ways to do it. Some methods are possible only when your channel is really popular, but don’t get discouraged, even if someone likes to do so and wants your support, a small channel can cost money. . You may not be able to give up your day-to-day work, but with a little work, you can at least cover your costs, and turn your channel into a profitable feature.
However, I have decided to make money on YouTube, and always ensure that the audience is genuine. YouTube’s Terms of Service describe how.
AdSense is the easiest way on YouTube as long as your channel is popular enough. If you request to join then you will not miss the advertisements shown in your video.
Before joining AdSense, you must join the YouTube Partner Program, which has certain requirements:
Complete YouTube Partner Program Policies.
Living in the country where the program is available (see full list)
In the last five months, you have done more than 4000 hours of public monitoring.
You have more than 1000 users.
You have a Google AdSense account LinkedIn (sign up for free)
Although you still do not meet the public schedule and customer requirements, you can register to review your account upon reaching the required milestones. Sign in to YouTube, click the icon in your account on the left and choose “Producer Studio”. Choose “Channel” and click on “Status and Features”. Go to “Monetizeton” and check “OK”.
Your account will be immediately sent to YouTube for review if you already meet the required numbers.
The review process involves automated systems and human diagnostics, so wait for a while. You can see the status of your app on the YouTube Avenue page.
If you are approved, it works well. If not, don’t worry: you can take steps to meet your channel’s needs and try again in 30 days.
Luggage rack
Merchandise Supply is a collaboration between YouTube and Taspring: a company specializing in T-shirts, hoods, cups and other promotional items.
To be eligible for commercial content, you must be part of the YouTube Partner Program (described above), gain at least 10,000 subscribers, and do not have Community Guidelines guidelines against your name. . In short, his reputation must be impeccable.
When accessing the YouTube Partner Program in a country, you can set up a merchandise shelf, but only viewers from select countries can buy your brand bonds (see full list).
You can design your content by downloading the artwork into a design version and printing essays upon request and sending them to the audience. For every sale you make, you will get a discount in interest.
Other stuff
I still don’t have 10,000 users? Don’t worry, there are other ways to sell branded goods. Sites like SpreadShop (Global) and SpreadShot (UK only) provide you with the design of your shirt, which is printed on request and sent directly to your annoying audience without touching anything.
Since these sites are not directly linked to YouTube, you will need to share your own video descriptions and interest in videos to benefit your brand.
Affiliate program
If you often put products in your videos (for example, for makeup instructions), then you are eligible to study store membership programs. Some programs allow someone to join, but most have an approval process where you have to show that your channel has enough viewers to make a good investment. Amazon is one of the easiest companies to join affiliate companies and probably the most useful.
Once approved, you can provide custom links to the products in your video description, which will indicate in detail how the user has arrived at the store through your channel. If the guest decides to buy something, you will get a small commission (different merchants offer different prices). Product price is not high for the viewer.
Always mention if you use the link to describe your video.
Brand Sponsorship.
If your channel is on, you will be able to find companies that sponsor your posts. You can do this by contacting them directly (watch videos like yours so that these ideas can be accepted) or through third parties, such as Facebook, which allows agents to link the brand to YouTubers. works as
The conditions of the association are very different: your sponsor may be happy to mention your product, offer video ideas or offer your own suggestions and agree to a deal. It is suitable for both of you and sets a reasonable price.
As long as you work with a brand to create a video, explain as much as possible not only to ensure that you follow YouTube’s Terms of Service, but also to place the audience in the audience.
Patreon is a crowd-funding tool for fans to help their favorite artists and creators, and if you have an emotional audience to help cover the cost of getting more content. It is best if you are ready. The money you receive through Pateron can be used to cover your head or you can get exclusive content as a paid “sponsor” feature.
Since it is a membership platform, the pattern means that you can be assured that you will receive a certain amount each month, providing a certain amount of stability.
However, the pattern is not free, there are a lot of costs involved in setting up your account, paying users, and transferring money to your account. See full details.
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